What Does AGS Make You Allergic To?

What Foods Are People with Alpha-gal Syndrome Allergic To?

  • People with AGS react to mammalian meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, bison, venison, goat, and rabbit.
  • Internal organs of mammals, like kidneys, liver, heart, and intestines have an especially high alpha-gal content. Some people who don’t react to eating meat may react to eating organ meats, especially pork kidneys.
  • All mammalian cells, tissues, and fluids, like blood, contain alpha-gal. There are no mammalian body parts that are safe for people with AGS to consume.
  • About 50% of people with AGS react to dairy products, like milk, cheese, yoghurt, and ice cream.
  • A smaller percentage of people with AGS react to gelatin.
  • Some people with AGS react to micrograms of alpha-gal in a wide variety of foods that contain mammalian-derived ingredients, including many processed foods and foods with “natural flavorings” in the ingredients.
  • 10-30% of people with alpha-gal syndrome react to fumes produced by cooking meat. These reactions are often serious and can include anaphylaxis. Unlike other AGS reactions, fume reactions usually occur within minutes of exposure.
  • Some people with AGS react to foods with carrageenan in them.
  • For more information about which foods people with AGS can and cannot eat, see the Life with AGS section of this website.
People think I’m crazy when I tell them I can’t breathe when I smell the fumes from meat cooking. Some days all I want to do is cry.
—Samantha Gross

My AGS symptoms are generally 1-2 hours after (unintentionally) consuming dairy, 4.5 hours after (unintentionally) consuming mammal. With airborne I have about 15 minutes MAX from exposure to unconsciousness. So like the others, I will bolt to safety.
—Dori Svardal

Fumes are the worst. I have to sell my restaurant and end my 25 year career at 35 years old because of a stupid tick bite.
—Annie Mae King

What Else Can Alpha-gal Syndrome Make You Allergic To?

Depending on how sensitive to alph-gal you are, you may react to anything with alpha-gal in it, including:

  • Cetuximab, heparin, and many perioperative, prescription, and OTC drugs
  • Many vaccines, especially those that contain gelatin
  • Many medical products and devices, including (but not limited to) some bioprosthetic heart valves, antivenoms, catgut sutures, topicals, adhesives, and plasma volume expanders
  • Many personal care products with mammalian-derived ingredients or carrageenan in them, including some lotions, shampoos, conditioners, tooth pastes, deodorants, make-up and feminine care products
  • Many household and cleaning products, including some air fresheners, candles, laundry sheets, and toilet paper
  • Some people with AGS report reactions to semen when their partners have eaten mammalian meat within the 48 hours prior to sexual activity.
  • For more information, see the Life with AGS section of this website.

After I quit eating mammal foods, my scalp and neck continued to swell up with huge hives. Someone in the group suggested I replace my shampoo, conditioner and leave in products with vegan products. After three days the hives stopped.
—Julie Smith LeSueur