AGS and Dentistry

When you have AGS, dentistry is more complicated. You need to tell your dentist that you have AGS and warn them that some products used in dentistry contain alpha-gal. Depending on how sensitive you are to alpha-gal, your dentist may need to modify your dental treatment. Some, but not necessarily all, products used in dentistry that may contain alpha-gal include: 

  • Topical numbing gel
  • Prophy paste
  • Topical fluoride paste
  • Cat-gut sutures
  • Collagen membranes for bone grafting

Your dentist may need to contact the manufacturers of the products they use and check to see if they contain mammalian byproducts or other sources of alpha-gal, like carrageenan.

Patient Recommended Dentists

If you are especially sensitive, you may want to look for a dentist with experience treating patients with AGS.  Below is a list of dentists recommended by people with AGS. Note that you still need to vet these dentists yourself. We have no way of knowing how reactive to alpha-gal the patient who recommended them is, or how reactive they are compared to you. 


Dr. Keenan Decker
Decker Dental


SMART Dental Care
Dr. Jeremy Moore
Dr. Jamie Daigle
Dr. Holly Clark

 North Carolina–Durham

 Dr. Charles Willis


 Dr. David Irby


Dr. Brad R. Burks, DMD, PC