Life with AGS

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  • Now What?! Adjusting to Life with AGS
  • What Do My Numbers Mean?
  • Everyone Is Different—Tolerance Levels
  • Getting Help
  • Support Groups
  • Finding a Specialist
  • What Can I Eat?
  • How to Shop for Food
  • Reading Labels
  • Mammalian Ingredients
  • Vegan Certification
  • Other Certifications
  • Carrageenan
  • Dairy Subs
  • Emu
  • The Good News! What You Can Eat
  • AGS Food Database
  • Cooking with Alpha-gal
  • Intro to Cooking with AGS
  • The AlphaGal Kitchen
  • Alpha-gal Friendly Recipes
  • Eating out With Alpha-gal
  • Intro Eating out with AGS
  • Restaurant Cards
  • Personal Care and Household Products
  • Intro—Everything Gives Me Hives!
  • Personal Care Products
  • The Personal Care Products Database
  • Household Products
  • Travel and AGS
  • Kids and AGS
  • Coping with AGS at College
  • Dealing with Family and Friends

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