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Why are so many people getting a  meat allergy?

by Maryn McKenna, Mosaic

What the Mystery of the Tick-Borne Meat Allergy Could Reveal: Unraveling why tick bites are suddenly causing a strange reaction in some people who eat meat could help scientists better understand how all allergies work.

By Moises Velasquez-Manoff, New York Times

Profile: Author John Grisham’s Food Allergy Mystery

By Mary Esselman, Allergic Living

I Got Alpha-Gal (The Tick-Borne Disease That’s a Hunter’s Worst Nightmare): What hunters need to know about the red-meat allergy spread by ticks

By Alex Robinson, Outdoor Life


Local Allergist Has Over 500 Patients with Alpha-Gal Meat Allergy From Tick Bites

By Anisah Abdullah


Sufferers of tick-caused alpha-gal allergy feel the more they learn, the less they know

Kelly Bostian, Tulsa World


Just one tick bite can give you a fatal allergy to meat…six Britons have now suffered severe reactions 

By Martyn Halle