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Join the fight against alpha-gal syndrome, with a donation to the Alpha-gal Allergy Research Fund. Funds are urgently needed for the best and brightest researchers to conduct critical clinical trials and other work. 

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A Call for Support by Dr. Scott Commins, MD, PhD

  • The Projects
    We have exciting projects that I believe will form important clinical trials for alpha-gal allergy, including:
  • A collaboration to develop an under-the-tongue nanoparticle treatment
  • A vaccine to prevent additional tick bites from prolonging the allergy
  • The use of an existing medication in a novel way for food allergy desensitization

In addition, we are working with leaders in agriculture to make available alpha-gal deficient pigs (which would be a safe source of heart valves, heparin, gelatin and even pork meat).

  • An Urgent Need for Funds
  • I need help to bring these projects to fruition quickly.
  • Funding agencies have largely ignored alpha-gal allergy, believing it to be an inconvenience to adults who simply miss eating red meat.
  • You and I both know it goes well beyond not ordering prime rib. Therefore, I am embarking on a campaign for alpha-gal allergy that will fund advances in patient care and scientific work for the next five years.

  • A Campaign for Alpha-gal Allergy
    Longitudinal support will allow me to:
  • Establish a website for up-to-date alpha-gal allergy information
  • Create a registry to document the need for increased awareness
  • Begin much needed clinical trials
  • Hire the brightest scientists
  • Train the next generation of doctors about alpha-gal allergy
  • Ultimately, discover a treatment for the allergy