Publications Database

Evidence-based Research on Alpha-gal Syndrome

With this publications database, we hope to consolidate all the evidence-based research on alpha-gal syndrome, as well as select publications on related topics such as:

  • pork-cat syndrome and other mammalian meat allergies
  • other carbohydrate allergies
  • cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants
  • the role of ecto- and endoparasites in inducing food allergy
  • vector management and ecology
  • the evolution of the α-gal immune response
  • allergy and autoimmune disease
  • hypersensitivity reactions to biologics
  • co-factors
  • idiopathic anaphylaxis
  • airborne reactions to food allergens
  • carrageenan, mammalian byproducts, cross-contamination of meat products, and other relevant food and food industry issues
  • viral glycan shields and the development of drugs and vaccines employing the α-gal immune response
  • xenotransplantation and the development of knock-out pigs

Some gray literature and relevant government, industry, and nonprofit documents were included.

The database was created by Lee Ann Kendrick and Sharon Forsyth, who also manage and update it. Publications were compiled with the help of  Matthew von Hendy of  Green Heron Research Resources, assisted by John Bianchi of Revivicor. Matthew is an accomplished research librarian with more than 20 years of professional experience working in a variety of government and technical libraries. He has worked at the EPA, NASA and the National Academies of Sciences where his work was cited in 10 different National Academies reports.

Stars indicate publications flagged as important or of interest in one or more review articles by Commins SP, Hilger C, Platts-Mills TAE, and van Nunen S, and/or deemed as such by the database manager.

* of interest
** of significant interest
† of special relevance to emergency care/perioperative care/hospitalization/pharmacy
‡ of special relevance to diagnosis and management
§ key review articles

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