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Bug Bite Can Make You Allergic to Red Meat

From Science Insider
“Who doesn’t love a juicy burger? About 5,000 Americans. And not from dietary preference, but because a single bite bite could cause hives, shortness of breath, or even death. Check out how this uninvited wilderness hitchhikers could put you off steaks for quite some time. Science Insider tells you all you need to know about science: space, medicine, biotech, physiology, and more.”

Tick Talk: “Alpha-Gal Syndrome” with Dr. Scott Commins

Dr. Scott Commins, MD, PhD joins Dr. Stephen Rich, PhD to talk about our current understanding of Alpha-gal syndrome, commonly referred to as “the red meat allergy” and its link to tick bites. May 13, 2020

AAAAI video featuring Scott Commins explaining AGS

Doctor Mike Airplane Medical Emergency

Chef Struggles Chef struggles with red meat allergy caused by ticks

When Should I Use Epinephrine and Why Am I Afraid to Use It? A Presentation by Jonathan Spergel


Alpha Gal, Radiolab

Alpha-gal Allergy with Scott Commins, UNC Medical School

Alpha-gal Patient Story,  UNC Medical School

It’s Not Just Lyme–the Alpha-gal meat allergy,  Tick Boot Camp

A Gal with Alpha-gal: an Interview with Leah Spears-Blackmon

Articles from the Popular Press

Why are so many people getting a  meat allergy?

by Maryn McKenna, Mosaic

What the Mystery of the Tick-Borne Meat Allergy Could Reveal: Unraveling why tick bites are suddenly causing a strange reaction in some people who eat meat could help scientists better understand how all allergies work.

By Moises Velasquez-Manoff, New York Times

What Tick Saliva Does to the Human Body:

Ticks use their saliva to create a “lake of blood” inside their hosts.

By Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic, July 25, 2019

Profile: Author John Grisham’s Food Allergy Mystery

By Mary Esselman, Allergic Living

I got alpha-gal (the tick-borne disease that’s a hunter’s worst nightmare): what hunters need to know about the red-meat allergy spread by ticks

By Alex Robinson, Outdoor Life

Local Allergist Has Over 500 Patients with Alpha-Gal Meat Allergy From Tick Bites

By Anisah Abdullah

Informational Websites

CDC Alpha-gal Information Website

Dr.  Scott Commin’s Alpha-gal Allergy Website

One of the world’s leading experts answers your questions. 


Darcie Clements Alpha-gal Syndrome Blog

A sophisticated, in-depth look at alpha-gal syndrome and how to adapt to it.

Dr. Tina Hatley Merritt’s Blog

Two Alpha Gals–Fins. Feathers. Friendship

A blog covering recipes, helpful tips, and anecdotes from two friends navigating life with alpha-gal.