Tick Management

Photo by Melissa Appel

Controlling Deer Populations

Deer are a major carrier of Lone Star Ticks, and can move ticks long distances quickly. Both the explosion in Lone Star Tick populations and the expansion of their range has coincided with an explosion in deer populations. We can’t address the AGS epidemic without addressing deer overpopulation. We need to:

  • Actively reduce deer populations.
  • Manage habitat to reduce deer populations, rather than increase them as is often the case when land is managed for hunting.

More Information about Tick Management

For more information on tick management see The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Tick Management Handbook

Yard Management 

Below are the CDC recommendations for controlling ticks in your yard. However, some or all of these techniques may not have been proven effective for controlling Lone Star Tick populations.

Preventing Ticks in the Yard