The Alpha-gal Syndrome Awareness Campaign

The Alpha-gal Syndrome Awareness Campaign is an effort to raise both the general public’s and healthcare providers’ awareness about AGS. Our activities will include:

  • The creation of this website
  • The creation of awareness materials: informational posters, brochures, t-shirts, etc.  Some of these are already available as downloads on this website or in the AGS CafePress Store.
  • A social media campaign: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube
  • A grassroots campaign, with a focus on at-risk communities
  • Outreach to healthcare providers
  • Media outreach, through press releases, articles, op-eds, etc.
  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising for AGS research

We need volunteers! We would love your participation in any or all of the above! Join the over 50 people who are already involved! You can learn more by joining the private Alpha Gal Support Nonpublic or the public Alpha-gal Syndrome Awareness Facebook groups.

These buttons will take you to the Facebook groups where the Alpha-gal Awareness Campaign is being organized. Be sure to post about your interest, so we know to contact you.